IAS Safe Factory Design


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A risk assessment locates opportunities to create a safer operating environment, but identifying the hazard is only half the battle. Through safe design, integration, and support services, our clients realize safe systems that are robust and sustainable for the long-term.

Designed From The Ground Up

Just like a factory itself, risk does not reside in purely one field. Even simple threats are often affected by a series of contingencies and variables. These dependencies continue to grow as the physical and digital worlds continue to come together. IAS safety engineering services draws on our expertise in programming, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to implement solutions that are safe and connected.

Retrofit & Upgrade

Legacy safety systems can be lacking in performance or no longer adhere to the standards that they were meant to meet. IAS is able to analyze performance and retrofit or upgrade the equipment with new, high performance components. This is done with special care to the manufacturer and communication protocol demands of the client for a result that is supportable and user-friendly.

 Engineering Offerings In Safety 



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We formulate an individualized control architecture to meet each safety requirement identified for the system. IAS draws on an extensive application and experience portfolio to deliver next level safety solutions encompassing: 

  • PLC Programming

  • Motion Control

  • Robotics

  • Safety Curtains & Scanners

  • HMI / User Interaction

Electrical Engineering

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IAS maintains quality and accuracy through in-house electrical design and build. Electrical services are available across all major automation suppliers. 

  • Panel Design

  • Verification / Validation

  • System Design

  • Simulation

Mechanical Engineering

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Protecting skilled workers and core equipment can yield a significant impact on uptime and overall equipment effectiveness. Using standard and custom components, IAS designs can elevate the safety of any process. 

  • Perimeter Guarding

  • Machine Protection

  • Mechanical Safe Machine Interaction

  • Safe Layout