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From food & beverage to automotive to logistics, IAS machine vision is working hard to revolutionize the way we manufacture and provide manufacturing insights never before possible.
IAS 3D Machine Vision

Harnessing The Power Of Sight And Beyond

IAS vision system integration helps companies elevate their inspection, identification, and guidance capabilities. If you run one or several products that require different inspections, even if those products and inspections are not yet known, IAS can provide configurable inspection solutions that tie directly into your in-house systems.

The vision marketplace is experiencing rapid innovation in both hardware and software. Through our education, experience, and strategic partnerships, IAS is primed to become your partner in implementing the latest in what vision can offer today.


The Right Technology For The Job


It is easy to look at the vast array of camera options and become lost in the sea of possibilities. The solution often becomes to throw a camera at the issue and the results suffer. Our engineers understand vision from a holistic point of view in order to select each component so that it is cost effective and value enhancing.


We then harmonize the hardware with inspection software and peripherals for optimum results. 

  Machine Vision Portfolio   


Inspection & Guidance

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Relying on the human eye to perform visual inspections can be costly, slow, and inaccurate. This method of quality control contains the risk of product recalls and unhappy customers. IAS is able locate the best spectral sensitivity for your product in order to deploy machine vision that creates the most robust and reliable system possible. 

  • Surface Defects

  • Metrology

  • Color Inspection

  • Robot / Machine Guidance

Machine Learning

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Through machine learning, we have the power to harness inspection methods similar to the way humans treat objects and combine them with machine speed and efficiency.


IAS is able to analyze and enable action on parts previously impossible to inspect. 

  • Organic Material

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Texture Inspection

  • Highly Variable Parts

Automatic ID

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Control, flexibility, and reliability are required when tracking products moving through your process.  With the demand for data continuing to rise, automatic identification is a key discipline to draw in the necessary product information from the floor.

IAS is experienced in delivering the automatic identification structure to acquire and analyze production data.

  • Code Reading

  • Code Scanning

  • RFID

  • Software Solutions

Sensing & Safety

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A workplace injury not only requires initial direct costs, indirect costs, and cost of removing skilled labor, but also can require millions of dollars in additional sales to pay them off.


Taking steps to mitigate or eliminate hazards can provide an ROI that may be equal to or higher than other machine or process improvements. 

  • Light Curtains

  • Safety Area Scanners

  • Safe Control

  • Safe Analysis & Design